Bad to be good?

Be yourself! True that it is really challenging to remain the way you are in this world!! They constantly try to make you someone else. The aura of good people boost our spirit, spreading positivity around. They extend the rays of hope and colours. Being good doesn’t seem good always. Many a times it takes you to the other end of the spectrum presenting self hurt and not being helpful in any ways. Human mind plays the worst at times, tussle between positive thought and negative thought go on. And we will be too perplexed to take a stand!

I find chief solace in helping people,    even when it’s probably not the wisest choice. I get immense pleasure when I offer an aid to the needy. Commonly, I try my best to support and be with them in their needy hours. Whatever I have confronted with, made me retrospect myself.

When you be a little too nice, people try to walk over you. When much importance is given to others, they consider you a pushover. They would expect the royal treatment by all means. That taught me it’s perfectly alright to say ‘no’ when you feel inundated. Always stand your grounds; none other wil do it for you. Being amiable, people tend to take advantage of the liberty given in the relationship. They won’t emanate the same level of kindness and empathy towards you and it will leave you disappointed.

Being endlessly selfless may pave way for others to take you for granted. Staying humble and gentle is considered a sign of weakness. There I learnt, be prudent enough not to outdo yourself. You may end up in a situation where you have no time for yourself. That would again make it worse! So make sure you draw your boundaries, voice out for yourself! You have all the emotions like the other person, you are a human being too! So talk about it without sounding accusing. If things are left unsaid, it creates a crack in the relationship foundation leading to the collapse of years old relation. Keeping away from those who drag you to constant bickering and negativity would ease your life so much.

No one bats an eye unless you shout for yourself. We are put up in a selfish competitive world. It is perfectly alright to let them know, if they don’t take in on their own; cos you are as awesome as the other person! Never ever compromise your self respect. We offer help out of compassion, and not expecting them to reciprocate later. Life taught me many times that we attract a mistake to learn something. That’s  alright, move on with the positive take aways from it.

Yes, its too exhaustive to be an empath! Being profoundly compassionate, we try to make others feel at ease in toughest hours. But at times people may irk you deeply and you wish to corner yourself not socialising. That ain’t the thing! The way out is expressing yourself, letting them know how they made you feel and when you rise up against, undoubtedly they will lean over. That is the least you can do for yourself.

Be proud of yourself, you well-liked personality! But ensure a ticker for yourself. There’s so much of positivity around you. Always be strong for yourself! Be assertive wherever you need to! Be optimistic and scout around for the magic….like a beautiful butterfly which crossed so many phases of its life to attain its final awesomeness!!


Some light to the darkest hours of life!!

Dusk, it is part of a day too! Not dawn alone… All of us know well that the saga of dusk and dawn continues in a day till infinity. This is pretty much applicable to almost everything. The winner sperm fertilises the egg, grows in the uterus, embryo turns into a little human being; enters this big big world and gets to enjoy the miracles and craftsmanship of the Creator! This process in all the living beings is the very reason for existence of the Mother Earth!

As in a day, the light would be pretty much dim during the dusk of human life. The term success would take a steep graph when the old age is afoot. It’s these darkest hours of life people are in need of utmost support, and unfortunately they are abandoned then the most! It’s a sad truth that ppl forget it in their boiling bloods time that these days are on their cards too. Most of our lives seem strangely untouched by it. Many families insist that it shouldn’t happen in theirs’, but we brush older people aside in ways we don’t even realise. 

Elder abuse is pretty much widespread these days. Father Mother & children, atomic families these days just comprise of them. The Grannys and Grandpas are no longer in the scene. Where are they lost? When did they move aside from the picture?

Intentionally or not, grey hairs are pushed down the stairs. I’m wondering, how can they!?!?! Of course, none was a sprout from a seed; all came from a mother’s womb!! Your Mom underwent bone smacking pain and you get to see what you see today. Then comes the man, who always rendered utmost support and care; pushing you to strive for the best in life. Yes the one who gave you life, your Dad!! They were your parents one day. They raised u giving food, clothes, shelter, education.. Everything!!! They made you what you are today. The adage goes ‘Old is Gold’; deeply saddening that thought is just confined to material stuffs.

No matter what, you are not expected to think that way. It’s a duty entrusted in you to take care of those souls who brought you to this world. Once they get old, they turn a kid again. They need you, purely dependent on you as much your kids are!

Some of them surrender to dementia, depression and many other geriatric ailments. At times their condition become this worse that they simply don’t know what to be done with a cup of tea! Oh, so heart wrenching!! They feel all alone, accompany them, take care of them, they deserve it. You ought to care, not abandon for pains and strains they had undergone. Also that day will come too, where you wil be a wave in the same sea of grey. Let me grab a line from an English song and say,  “What goes around comes all the way back around!!!!”


Nothing matters when two hearts are one!! Perplexed about the definition of an ideal relationship. Indeed there is just love, trust, honesty, respect and fidelity. The vow that you there for your other half; shouldering through thick and thin.

Wholeheartedly, they should be there in each other’s lives and enough space should be given to your love as well. It shouldn’t be a mere urge to chain the other person to you. Yes, possessiveness is part of any relationship but too much of anything ain’t good! Manifesting your desire to control another would snatch their personal independence; being an individual he/she has the right to it!

The only people you need to prove your love and dedication in your love is you yourself, those who are in the relation; NONE OTHER!! As long as you  both know each other like none other and no intruder enters into the world of you two; nothing like it!!!

That powerful bond should be there, that you can read your half’s silence too! Always “know” what his thoughts and feelings are. Be authentic in your conversations and no matter what, just bounce your thoughts, concerns worries off each other. Let that bugbear go!!

Being transparent would make your life so much easier. You both should know each other like no other does! Though partners; being two unique individuals, it’s not always possible to compliment each other. Never mind, it’s ok to compromise for your love! Tat gives a pleasure too! Let go, if the stress is unleashed on you. Try pacifying giving their own space.

Nothing is really tough enough, no issue is big enough, no time is testing enough, for two souls who love each other more than anything. There exists many a things that words can’t say…express it al… Enjoy it al…cute cuddles, lovely talks, silly fights… revel in that comfort of being the best companions!!

Karma~What goes around comes back around…really?

It’s 11.14 pm now. That letter is still lingering on my head. Those words…Morning I happened to listen a letter read on radio; from a man who is stabbed with guilt. He said he is gonna get divorced soon and he thinks he had had that fate as he once abandoned his lover girl who loved him much. Is it his guilt speaking as he left her in the lurch or what goes around, does it really come back around??!!

People often believe that deeds lead to like effects. Good intent contribute to future happiness, whereas bad deeds to future suffering. The belief in Karma is reaffirmed by real life experiences of people. Sometimes you hear clichéd lines about Karma at times bizarre tales.

It may sound corny. Somethings in life remain philosophical forever, never logical. It does happen – sooner or later. You get served per your deeds, as they say Karma has no menu. Your thoughts and actions mend your world, and they definitely carry energy in it. Though all are in way different paths of life, somewhere somehow all of us are connected. This life, this universe all are so complex. Much beyond human understanding. So is Karma, I feel.

You alone responsible for your actions. It’s your actions that determine your future. It’s ur intents tat make a difference. Don’t ever wish bad on anyone, know tat table will turn. Perplexed side of me asking, “Really?? I don’t think so. Can’t agree it all!! Of course I see some wicked souls doing so well…all a cake walk for them.”

“Oh, no! Don think they have escaped. They may be powerful today, but life can change in an instant; just capsizing it all in a minutes time! You may not witness it. But certainly they will have it served”, refuted the other side of me.

Being guilty is a kind of punishment as well as confession. Its a realization of being compassionate, empathetic about the other person, how u made them feel! So in one form or the other, u will experience what u did to others. Assuming this is the very thought that sender of that letter had.

Do no harm, be honest and compassionate. Can’t deny the fact that all these seem absurd at some junctures of life. “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, right is right even if no one is doing it” a quote read away back. It makes perfect sense. Right should be right always and wrong wrong.

It’s lucid, be sincere and honest in your approach, else may have to face the adverse consequences.

Live and let live. It’s a virtue. Try to adhere to it enjoying all the ups and downs of this wonderful voyage.