Karma~What goes around comes back around…really?

It’s 11.14 pm now. That letter is still lingering on my head. Those words…Morning I happened to listen a letter read on radio; from a man who is stabbed with guilt. He said he is gonna get divorced soon and he thinks he had had that fate as he once abandoned his lover girl who loved him much. Is it his guilt speaking as he left her in the lurch or what goes around, does it really come back around??!!

People often believe that deeds lead to like effects. Good intent contribute to future happiness, whereas bad deeds to future suffering. The belief in Karma is reaffirmed by real life experiences of people. Sometimes you hear clichéd lines about Karma at times bizarre tales.

It may sound corny. Somethings in life remain philosophical forever, never logical. It does happen – sooner or later. You get served per your deeds, as they say Karma has no menu. Your thoughts and actions mend your world, and they definitely carry energy in it. Though all are in way different paths of life, somewhere somehow all of us are connected. This life, this universe all are so complex. Much beyond human understanding. So is Karma, I feel.

You alone responsible for your actions. It’s your actions that determine your future. It’s ur intents tat make a difference. Don’t ever wish bad on anyone, know tat table will turn. Perplexed side of me asking, “Really?? I don’t think so. Can’t agree it all!! Of course I see some wicked souls doing so well…all a cake walk for them.”

“Oh, no! Don think they have escaped. They may be powerful today, but life can change in an instant; just capsizing it all in a minutes time! You may not witness it. But certainly they will have it served”, refuted the other side of me.

Being guilty is a kind of punishment as well as confession. Its a realization of being compassionate, empathetic about the other person, how u made them feel! So in one form or the other, u will experience what u did to others. Assuming this is the very thought that sender of that letter had.

Do no harm, be honest and compassionate. Can’t deny the fact that all these seem absurd at some junctures of life. “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, right is right even if no one is doing it” a quote read away back. It makes perfect sense. Right should be right always and wrong wrong.

It’s lucid, be sincere and honest in your approach, else may have to face the adverse consequences.

Live and let live. It’s a virtue. Try to adhere to it enjoying all the ups and downs of this wonderful voyage.


2 thoughts on “Karma~What goes around comes back around…really?

  1. Ramkumar

    Excellent Saumya. Lord krishna advises karma to Arjuna in Gita. Life is like a circle I think. The result of karma follows us like our shadow. No one can escape from that. Your blog is simply superb. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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