Nothing matters when two hearts are one!! Perplexed about the definition of an ideal relationship. Indeed there is just love, trust, honesty, respect and fidelity. The vow that you there for your other half; shouldering through thick and thin.

Wholeheartedly, they should be there in each other’s lives and enough space should be given to your love as well. It shouldn’t be a mere urge to chain the other person to you. Yes, possessiveness is part of any relationship but too much of anything ain’t good! Manifesting your desire to control another would snatch their personal independence; being an individual he/she has the right to it!

The only people you need to prove your love and dedication in your love is you yourself, those who are in the relation; NONE OTHER!! As long as you  both know each other like none other and no intruder enters into the world of you two; nothing like it!!!

That powerful bond should be there, that you can read your half’s silence too! Always “know” what his thoughts and feelings are. Be authentic in your conversations and no matter what, just bounce your thoughts, concerns worries off each other. Let that bugbear go!!

Being transparent would make your life so much easier. You both should know each other like no other does! Though partners; being two unique individuals, it’s not always possible to compliment each other. Never mind, it’s ok to compromise for your love! Tat gives a pleasure too! Let go, if the stress is unleashed on you. Try pacifying giving their own space.

Nothing is really tough enough, no issue is big enough, no time is testing enough, for two souls who love each other more than anything. There exists many a things that words can’t say…express it al… Enjoy it al…cute cuddles, lovely talks, silly fights… revel in that comfort of being the best companions!!


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