Some light to the darkest hours of life!!

Dusk, it is part of a day too! Not dawn alone… All of us know well that the saga of dusk and dawn continues in a day till infinity. This is pretty much applicable to almost everything. The winner sperm fertilises the egg, grows in the uterus, embryo turns into a little human being; enters this big big world and gets to enjoy the miracles and craftsmanship of the Creator! This process in all the living beings is the very reason for existence of the Mother Earth!

As in a day, the light would be pretty much dim during the dusk of human life. The term success would take a steep graph when the old age is afoot. It’s these darkest hours of life people are in need of utmost support, and unfortunately they are abandoned then the most! It’s a sad truth that ppl forget it in their boiling bloods time that these days are on their cards too. Most of our lives seem strangely untouched by it. Many families insist that it shouldn’t happen in theirs’, but we brush older people aside in ways we don’t even realise. 

Elder abuse is pretty much widespread these days. Father Mother & children, atomic families these days just comprise of them. The Grannys and Grandpas are no longer in the scene. Where are they lost? When did they move aside from the picture?

Intentionally or not, grey hairs are pushed down the stairs. I’m wondering, how can they!?!?! Of course, none was a sprout from a seed; all came from a mother’s womb!! Your Mom underwent bone smacking pain and you get to see what you see today. Then comes the man, who always rendered utmost support and care; pushing you to strive for the best in life. Yes the one who gave you life, your Dad!! They were your parents one day. They raised u giving food, clothes, shelter, education.. Everything!!! They made you what you are today. The adage goes ‘Old is Gold’; deeply saddening that thought is just confined to material stuffs.

No matter what, you are not expected to think that way. It’s a duty entrusted in you to take care of those souls who brought you to this world. Once they get old, they turn a kid again. They need you, purely dependent on you as much your kids are!

Some of them surrender to dementia, depression and many other geriatric ailments. At times their condition become this worse that they simply don’t know what to be done with a cup of tea! Oh, so heart wrenching!! They feel all alone, accompany them, take care of them, they deserve it. You ought to care, not abandon for pains and strains they had undergone. Also that day will come too, where you wil be a wave in the same sea of grey. Let me grab a line from an English song and say,  “What goes around comes all the way back around!!!!”


4 thoughts on “Some light to the darkest hours of life!!

  1. Swetha

    Very nice blog dear.. very meaningful.. It’s true that none of us can return the amount of love n care we get from our parents.. but yes each of us should understand our responsibility and be with them when they need us the most.. care them.. Love them..and silently tell them ” Dad I am your same little tiny sperm who got fertilised first out of millions” and ” Mom I am your same little fetus who use to play in ur womb”:)

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