A Nostalgic Trip to that Saturday!

     That awesome moment in your life when you get to know you two are gonna be three…that moment when the dad and mom in you are born. Soon after we wished for you, you were gifted to us….not much of a waiting! 😉 208 days of my pregnancy I had to push without the warmth of to-be daddy as he had to leave abroad for job. With all the normal preggers problems I sustained those days. After 7th month I couldn’t sit without pushing those tiny feet off my  ribs, or sleep without a pillow under my baby bumps. But the very thought that our life is growing inside me, made me forget it all and I just loved it!!
First trimester was way too hectic with office stress and travel; also missing hubby, family and homely food.:'( Scribbled pregnancy notes daily and checked those Apps each day to know what’s with my baby that day!

    In arrow speed time flew, the most awaited September arrived… 18th the Wednesday, got  admitted in hospital cos of fluid loss, over a week left to due date. To be precise, 11days! Tension, anxiety, fear, stress:- our days were juz comprised of these! Undescended head was the botheration, which required a last minute scan and all the eleventh hour issues put us under immense stress.
“No matter what baby wil b out tomorrow, be it normal or C-sec ” my Gynac’s promise on 20.09.2013. Of course tat was a chief solace to us.
And comes that Saturday dawn after a sleepless night. Its 4am, dropped into Labor room, hearing all screams, prayers,cries and howls. Good Lord! I was awestruck!! After 3 hours the induced labor started it’s play on me. Yea a sweet pain is slowly kicking in. No screaming, being calm I just gazed the clock on my right side wall. Ouch its  hurting…..down the spine… its  increasing….. Well, I’d say its not a painful pain, a sweet sensation, a delightful discomfort; but yeah bone smacking, some experience for life time and beyond doubt it’s worth it!!

   Hours passed…and alas I’m on labor bed inside! Some 10 palms just pushed my belly and I screamed to top of my lungs. Pause, I hear a cute cry…11.49 said the head nurse. Wow, our baby has arrived! “Show ma baby” I asked my Gynac. I wonder (even now), tat why I never asked if its a little man or a cute angel.”A minute please…lets clean the baby” she replied. “Its a baby girl” she added. I felt to jump out of immense joy…Bliss….Eternal Bliss!!

   The nurse got our pink swaddled little beauty, I smiled and kissed on her right forehead…. Her first kiss for life!! That awesome  moment, that feeling I can’t put into words…Unfathomable!! Those thoughts still give me  an immense pleasure and goosebumps! Yes, I had tat first sigh of relief… First time mommy! Gosh incredible! Yes I’m experiencing that eternal joy of Motherhood!! Bliss Bliss Bliss !!


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