A Short Time Schedule

A visitant; you and me, so is he and she to this place                         

From the arrival to departure an intervening period called life

The sun,galaxies,stars and those zillion celestial objects             

And the existence of this teeny winy me, you and others

Takes me to a thought land of bewilderment                                

 And it leaves me in the middle of no where 

Each dawn is a new beginning   

 And I know the clock is ticking

Every so often I have some guests 

Love,Joy,hope and trust are some whom I admire

And some other unsolicited guests too 

Sadness, fear, anger and disgust are a few of those folks

Certainly, I welcome and entertain them all!                               

Treating well, being a wonderful host

Be it the one who sweeps it all 

Or the one who gifts a delightful time

All of them are transient guests at my place                                    

Frankly,it is me who is transient!

Constantly the Creator’s craftsmanship mesmerises me 

Unsure of its gender also the abode, if above or beneath!

Thousands of tiny miracles knitted and called it life.           

 Sometimes an unfair unfinished business plan

Just a shake can bring it all to rubbles  

 Just a few droplets together can swipe it all

I keep my eyes open to see the vivid colours of life                           

So grateful for I am here even as guest

This short trip is gorgeous 

Amazingly glorious!

So I wish to blossom blossom and blossom!!


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