An Aubade…

Gazing sky and stars up on the terrace 
You sipping a coffee and me tea

U capturing that twilight beauty in ur lenses

Two of us contesting own ideas best for a photo shot

Wit our chit chats me pampering  the colourful flowers roof top 

You watching  for colours next building 😉

We lean down from that third floor open space 

Watching the street kids playing with their dogs and themselves

Sid, Cinderella and so on our names of endearment to them

Up above, pigeons and eagles enjoying their fly in that pink sky

Those were our guards and securities in ‘our own luv language’

Clock is ticking, lets go down, ur whisper

Oh please, some more time implores me 

Yes it’s all dark now; reluctantly I follow u wit baby steps 

U pointed at that beautiful chandelier in a distant apartment              

 It’s indeed a treat to eyes watching those shimmering lights many where in that twin towers

Well, back to our cuckoos nest we relish our dinner wit idiot box 

Those surprise gifts neath blanket 

And b’day cakes of astonishment 

A moonlit eve and slowly nighttide is wrapping us

Lost in ourselves, we unwrapping each other

Our souls yearn to be one and uncoils it all

Consuming eachother till our hunger is satiated

Kindling our souls,  we back to earth from heaven 

The day peeps in with its first light

Yet another brighter day of our magnificent life, of the times we lived for juz two of us….!!


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