#RandomThoughts #Quotes #Quickread #Snippets

Sharing some of my random thoughts! Stay happy and blessed yu all! ☺ Thug life! Yoo ✌


​Those Damn Thoughts!

Pounding heart, puffed eyes

Gazed she at the ticking clock

Apprehensions and thoughts that’s creeping in

Push her from lucidity to indefiniteness

Seconds of a never ending day seem like an hour 

No rescue; the madness of superfluous thoughts keep on

The perplexity intensifies the frustrations

She feels the prick and pain that’s pitching in

Numbness strikes her; so lost for another appeal

Drowning in the abyss, too blind for any colour 

Feel so lost, searching for a shore

Unleashing, sobbing, ripping – so pale and drained out

Turns down she, the constant chatter of her fickle mind

Her worries enwrapped in  hopefulness

And that’s on view to the external world

Flying back to the land of colours 

To a feast of blossom and spring rain

For she hears  a sweet euphony from distance

And for certain; will be there soon

To unwrap that awesomeness she’s bestowed upon

The longed for enchantments and gaiety envelopes her

Emotional strain melted away

And embraced her as droplets of trust and hope!

​Passionate Affection

I love u like that watercourse

which yearns to merge with the deep blue sea

I love u like that little birdie

which feeds its pair beak to beak

I love u like my favourite colour

dabbed on paper which awaits to spread all over

I love u like a little raindrop

which kisses the earth and just dissolves in it

I love u like a tiny tot

who latches on mummy for a peaceful sleep

I love u like that fluttering butterfly

which can’t keep away from pretty flower

I love u like the candle beams

which eventually make it all one 

I love u like a gentle zephyr

that pampers and brushes the leaves mildly

I love u like the shadow

which won’t ever get off me 

as we live in a world inseparable!!!

Nothing But You…..!!

You – A Dream,

Who rests in my eyes in the hushed nights…..

YouA Smile,

Who blossoms on my lips through all the memoirs……

– A Bead of Moisture

Who rolls down my cheeks when m stressed out……

You – A Sweet throb

Who is a shadow in my walks through the lonesome paths……

You – A Zephyr

Who appeases my melting soul…..

You – Radiance

Who brightens my murky days…..

You – A Mizzle

Who quenches the thirsty ME…