The testing of the tenacity;

Ain’t a great phase to pass by!

The tremors felt to the fullest

The hurricane of bewildering emotions

Inside her head they rush out

No recess just gush of thoughts

It’s all tangled and tortuous

Some distractions seem so calm

And silence seems too noisy

Vicious whirlwind in her head

Could be a severe weather on her way forward

Amidst all these stormy weather

All see the moon on her face

For she remains unmoved

Though, that ain’t effortless

All geared up to surf the tide of time

Holding her wingman stronger than ever

Rest, relax, restrain…..

Regained it all, she!

For she knows the power of tolerance is impeccable

And the fruit of perseverance is sweet and imperishable

Waiting and appreciating the game of life

For she knows at the end she’ll win

When she thought she almost lost the game

Nothing is constant; so is this moment

Hang on to that gift called faith

Which will weather all the storms

And every storm is followed by a rainbow

The bow of vibrance which tints her sky with gleams of colours!!


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