The hustle and bustle in your life
Seems so creepy at times
Makes you wonder, is it all for a purpose?
Or just to teach some lessons?
Whichever it may be,
We have to take it, on the chin!
Life constantly keeps us in its spell
Shooting an array of Why? For this? Oh No! …
Sometimes those lost moments
Seem to test the limits of your soul!
Well, these poignant seconds are counted
And make you open your heart and eyes
Beneath lies the traces of fear
But cross the road…With a Smile!
Have faith and persevere,
Yes, whatever you are in pursuit of
Is swaying in the shadows
In wait of the apt moment to show up!
Though unfair at first,
Bit by bit, you see a new reflection
Quashing those obstacles
With your strength of will;
Which you never realized you have, yet!
So you let the cards unfold
Let your story be shown
Keep your head up, you always deserve to
Soon you will be wearing the crown!!


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