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Sharing some of my random thoughts! Stay happy and blessed yu all! ☺ Thug life! Yoo ✌


​Heartful ♥♥

Beyond words,

Beyond reality

Blest am I, 

That you are (part of) my life

Sailing on a path 

That’s uniquely ours

Savouring all tiny minutes 

Of our incredible journey

Ur arms around me

Is that great a shield

And in that sanctum,

I’m so out of harm’s way

Feel so fortunate

To have loved unconditionally

Being each other’s best friends

Shouldering one another 

Through all peaks and troughs

It’s awesome how we rekindle the love 

That’s clouded after silly spats and squabble

You are the safest place 

For me, ever to be myself

You catch me when I fall

Trust you more than I myself

The days I’m lost in dashed hopes

You envelope me with your warmth and care

Feel so fortunate to feel this love

Just love this feeling and the way you make me feel

I’m so in a state of blessed bliss!!!!

PC: Executivemafiya

Rain…. Bliss!!!

You tiny drip drops
Ever do u know what an awesome feeling u r?

Seeing you from ages though

But each time I feel it all again

Yet another awesome feeling!

Those ripples make me jump out of merriment 

And it keeps me up way past my bedtime

I be that l’il gal who yearns to run

To get her skirt soaking wet

Evoking my mind so clear 

Washing all the worries and thoughts

And the sweet petrichor that comes my way

Letting my spirit soar and roar

Oh rain, you a joyful bliss

Gentle cool breeze enveloping me

Fuzing my heartbeat with the rhythm of rain!!!

PC: Suman Patnaik


​The Spring Rain!    

A mysterious bird and she wanna fly sky high chasing her dreams

Attractive she is,wit her louder chirps

Charming she is wit her beautiful wings

Seems tough though, a fragile hatchling deep down

Fortunate are those who share

the nest with you

Blessed are those who fly heights with you

She misses the warmth of her parent birds

She misses the company of her nest mates

So sweet bird she, is petted by many

Also encountered fledgling wild birds in the journey

All the distress is sustained by her

Being much receptive about the state of mind

Oh,hush hush my baby bird

Spring is not far,soon you shall get there!!!!

 PC: Suman

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