Life puts us at certain circumstances which are far beyond our ability to endure;  we feel ground to dust! The old adage,“Life never gives u anythin tat u can’t handle”, would seem all absurd!! It happens!! 



It wil for sure do wonders!!


​Heartful ♥♥

Beyond words,

Beyond reality

Blest am I, 

That you are (part of) my life

Sailing on a path 

That’s uniquely ours

Savouring all tiny minutes 

Of our incredible journey

Ur arms around me

Is that great a shield

And in that sanctum,

I’m so out of harm’s way

Feel so fortunate

To have loved unconditionally

Being each other’s best friends

Shouldering one another 

Through all peaks and troughs

It’s awesome how we rekindle the love 

That’s clouded after silly spats and squabble

You are the safest place 

For me, ever to be myself

You catch me when I fall

Trust you more than I myself

The days I’m lost in dashed hopes

You envelope me with your warmth and care

Feel so fortunate to feel this love

Just love this feeling and the way you make me feel

I’m so in a state of blessed bliss!!!!

PC: Executivemafiya

​Passionate Affection

I love u like that watercourse

which yearns to merge with the deep blue sea

I love u like that little birdie

which feeds its pair beak to beak

I love u like my favourite colour

dabbed on paper which awaits to spread all over

I love u like a little raindrop

which kisses the earth and just dissolves in it

I love u like a tiny tot

who latches on mummy for a peaceful sleep

I love u like that fluttering butterfly

which can’t keep away from pretty flower

I love u like the candle beams

which eventually make it all one 

I love u like a gentle zephyr

that pampers and brushes the leaves mildly

I love u like the shadow

which won’t ever get off me 

as we live in a world inseparable!!!