Is emptiness this heavy?

Never say not, for you feel it afloat

Don’t you see the wound?

Never say no, for you don’t see it bleed

How about my scars?

Don’t tell me none, just cos you don’t see them

Oh! As you can’t hear those

Never say I’m not screaming!!

Don’t tell me I’m not broken

As you see it all fixed!

Think not I have nothing to say

For its unfathomable and I’m so short of words

Pain of letting go is so magnificent

For you see the scars turn into butterflies

As they fly so far and far away!!!



Take me back to those childhood days

Which mostly was the times of astonishment

Those days of only what’s and whys

Which mostly left me in amazement

Where my worries were sublime, a torn book or a lost eraser

And the spooky monsters under my bed

Take me back…

To those awesome times of glitter

To the track yet to tread

To those innocent days of sand castles

And to the times I actually meant “I’m fine”

All I wanted was to grow up then

To which I wish to go back again

Wind the clock, turn it back

Take me back to those simpler times

Turn the clock,

Take me back!!


Amidst the crowd, so lonely she

Umpteen words, but silence yet

The covered wound unspoken

So profound far down

Sense, endure, broken, shattered

Fogged vision; misty eyed

Smokescreen, stone-blind

But resisting to shed

All still and nil!

Hey pop up, chill out

Where is that little innocent child ?

Get her, set it right mend and heal

Love and care as she does

Ask girl where is she lost?

Get on with her happiness and excitement

Drag her to where she was

To flutter with life and excitement!

Only Then!!

Only when we stay in amidst the walls, we know how it feels to wander…

Only when caged in a room we know how it feels to fly…

Only when we distance ourselves we realized why are we social beings…

Only when this teeny weeny bane put everything standstill we realized not to belittle anything…

Only when we are anxious about the very next minute, we realize our faith over fear…

Only when we have those ‘can’ts’ ahead  we realized  the umpteen ‘could’ options passed by…

Only when life surprises us often,we  realise how subtle this existence is…

Only when it’s the hope that keeps us going, we know that no feeling is final….

Only when we know that the time is limited we learn not to take anything for granted…

Only when the execution fails, we realize that planning is all futile…

All blend well harmoniously
Let alone the haze
Awaiting those blessings on the horizon!!

Fancy Flight..

Mesmerised by the thoughts
Flying high…so wow…
Enjoying to the fullest
On that riding boat
Splashing water
Just serene and amazing
So elated like a flying bee
All been decked up
Arranging well, from pin to pillar
All set well
Yet again??!! Pleads she
“I’m so blessed and blest
Beyond words
We share that bond till eternity
Through thick and thin
Nothing else could make me happier
Than this togetherness”
She fled back to her wonderland
To her trio garden
Savouring each passing minute
Basking in love
Relishing the intimacy
With a sigh, that it was just a dream!!


Dizzy days,
Mushy nights
Hazy eyes
Fussy Mind
Shattered pieces of darkness
Floating all around
Amidst those spots there
A gleaming reef
Strokes of hope
Rising confidence
Turns down the cries
Smacks the ill-thoughts,
Stemming from the doldrums
Dance in the moonlight Despite the dark clouds
Perish in the morning light
Relishing this moment, afloat
Sew your wings imperfectly
To flee through the jungle of rage
You, a wonderful beautiful wreck
So are all, broke and imperfect
So beautifully imperfect
Thats what links us all
That all are broke and beautifully imperfect
Thusly get back to you;
To that invincible YOU!!

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